Capturing God's beautiful creation has always been my biggest passion when it comes to photography.

This is also the reason why I love to travel the world and explore new countries with my camera.

On the follwing pages you can find some of my recent photos which I've taken in Austria, the Dolomites, Iceland, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya and Norway.

Landscape & Travel

Taking longtime exposures of the night sky has always fascinated me.

What you can't see with your own eyes, is possible to capture with a DSLR camera these days.


 To reveal what's unseen with your own eyes makes this kind of photography so exciting.

Here you can find some captures of the night sky including the milky way, lunar eclipse, Orion, satellites and some compositons of myself posing as an silhouette under the night sky.


Taking portraits of people is something completly different

than taking landscape photos.


It's much more about how good you can collaborate and communicate with them

than it's knowledge about photography in general,

I would say.


It's not that I shoot potraits frequently but when I do, I always benefit from this moments

and appreciate it a lot.

People & Portrait